Durable High Density Floor (Standard/Sport Model)

motorcycle shelter floor, standard size

This high impact, high density, abrasion resistant rubber floor is designed with a non-slip surface and is custom cut to sit just inside of the Standard/Sport Speed-Way Shelter. The Floor helps to prevent water from pooling, condensation build-up...

  • Price: $74.95

Durable High Density Floor (Touring Model)

motorcycle shelter flooring, touring model

This Deluxe oversized Speed-Way Shelter Floor works well with the Touring Shelter or the Standard/Sport Shelter. This floor easily rolls out protecting your cycle from dust and moisture emanating from cement floors or the ground.

  • Price: $89.95

Speed-Way 48 LED Bright Light

Speed-Way 48 LED Bright Light

Order an extra LED Bright Light! All our Shelters include one 48 lamp LED Bright Light with 3 operating functions: Dim, Bright and Off. (Four AA batteries not included).

  • Price: $11.95

Speed-Way Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Speed-Way Motorcycle Wheel Chock

SPEED-WAY'S FAST AND RELIABLE SECURITY MOTORCYCLE STAND Quickly secures Motorcycles and Scooters Tire gripping wheel cradle Accommodates 16" - 21" wheel sizes Locking cradle secures the motorcycle inside the chock Super heavy duty 1-1/4" steel...

  • Price: $124.95